The Old Fashioned Art of Writing Letters and Journals

With so many new ways of keeping in touch, why exactly would one want to write letters? There might not be any satisfactory answer to it. But letter writing makes one feel cared for. The very fact that someone actually sat down and wrote five handwritten pages for a person that is far away, signifies that one plays an important role in their life. Why else would anyone sit down for an hour to write that letter and then take the trouble of going to the post-office to send that letter, when in the same time you could have written 20 tweets or more. Sending and receiving letters are also the cheaper alternate to travel. Pen pals often send each other tokens and souvenirs through mails, exchange cultural stories, tell each other about their age old tradition and exchange multiple secrets. Of course the internet has more access to the number of people and therefore more access to other cultures. However, it is always less personal. You may have more than 500 people in your friend list, but how many are you actually familiar with? And when was the last time you had a real heart to heart with them?

Letters and journals have more privacy and personalization. Since everyone has an increasing internet foot print, hackers have focused more on breaking in to people’s virtual accounts rather than actual space. So turns out, the real space is more secure than the virtual space where you befriend a thousand people you don’t even know. The new generation may probably not even be aware of what journal writing is. But the truth is, it is the best way to vent out your thoughts. People are getting angrier everyday because they have all the ideas, but no honest feedback. Writing journals help one keeping in touch with their thoughts. What people lack these days are some private time where they can think. Writing down your thoughts can help you get to know yourself. Journal writing don’t necessarily have to be about your whole routine nor do they have to be extremely regular as is the popular misconception. You can write down any random thought or the dream you had last night anywhere in your journal and you can read it like a haphazard memoir. It’s for your own private viewing after all.

Letters and journals promote a heartfelt moment with your pen pal or yourself. The anticipation and joy of receiving letters is like no other. You wait for weeks at a time and when you receive a little envelope with artistic stamps and a handwritten note, the delight is like no other. Postcards are another form of keeping in touch. They’re bright, colourful and have beautiful pictures of famous places in the city. China actually introduced a new series of postcards with pictures of food, where receivers can actually smell the dish. Now that’s innovation.

It might not be easy to convince why writing letters and journals is a delightful experience. But those who actually do might understand why the practice of old fashioned writing has not died down as yet. Even though the postal departments of many countries are facing losses, the efforts of a few have kept the industry going.

Art And Fashion

The work of the fashion designers in our days is a form of art, though at first sight one might say such a frivolous thing like fashion has little to do with what we call art. But like the work of the artists, the work of the designers is an act of creation. And the bond between the two of them has a long history and goes both ways: many times fashion is reflected in art thus becoming a part; even more often art influenced the fashion.

We can trace this bond long time ago. It started with the prehistoric goddesses statuettes. Some of them show a network of thin lines which historians established to be the representation of the clothes.

From that time on there is a multitude of art representation of the fashion. We can find fashion reflected in the Egyptian, Roman or Greek statues of the Antiquity and in the Gothic statues of the 12th century churches. We can find it in a lot of famous paintings like the ones of Leonardo da Vinci, Albrecht Durer, Titzian or Pieter Bruegel the Eldest. We can find it in a painting which is a veritable lesson of perspective, like Velazquez’ Las Meninas and can be also considered a veritable lesson of the mid 17th century fashion.

Art influenced fashion even more often. The heavy and complicated Baroque made the clothes of that time to look just as heavy. Rococo remained complicated but the forms became lighter and so did the clothes and the textiles used to make them. In the 20th century the Cubism had echoes in the 1920’s tubular dresses. And these are just a few examples.

Today, in the era of fast communication and television shapes and patterns of the clothes are inspired by the art of different times and areas. Artists are called many times to help designers. Dali created clothes as well as textile designs for the designer Elsa Schiaparelli and they all bear his unique stamp. From women’s dress to any mens coat everything is made to serve the necessities and perspectives of our times. And that perspective influences the art and the fashion all the same.

An Overview On Art Shoes

Nowadays shoes have turned out to be one of the most important fashion accessories. Fashion conscious men and women love wearing matching shoes that goes best with their outfits. Apart from offering protection from germs and dust, shoes have now gathered an important place in fashion. A dress looks incomplete without a matching pair of footwear. Art shoes have gained a prominent place in the shoe industry. These shoes are available in a lot of styles, patterns, colours and sizes. So, pamper your feet with this stylish footwear.

Men and women both have a fascination for these fashionable art shoes. You are sure to fall in love with your feet once you start wearing these shoes. They have become one of most popular shoe brands in the footwear industry offering high level of comfort to the feet.

Footwear were initially introduced in order to protect the feet from harmful dust and germs. The shoes manufacturers designed the shoes just for covering the feet. The designs were thus very simple. But nowadays since fashion plays an important role in the lives of most of the individuals, the fashion conscious people are no longer interested in wearing simple shoes. They prefer wearing shoes that are uniquely designed as well as comfortable and durable. This demand has led to the increasing demand of art footwear.

The main focus of art footwear manufacturers is to provide comfortable and stylish shoes for both the genders. A wide variety of art shoes are nowadays available in market. Men’s art footwear includes boots, smart footwear, casual shoes, slippers, designer shoes and others. Some of the popular women’s art footwear includes heeled boots, clog shoes, sandals, platform footwear and such others. The stylish designs and excellent quality material have made this shoe brand one of the most popular among shoe buffs in the world.

Art shoes are very colourful and look bright. You can wear them with any kinds of outfit. Varieties of colour are available. So, you are sure to find a pair of shoes that matches with the colour of your outfit. In fact, it is the unique design and colour of these shoes that sets them apart from other brands and makes them identifiable even from far away distant. These shoes have a hand finish. By wearing a pair of these shoes, you are sure to keep up with the latest trends of fashion.

One of most popular women’s art footwear is Art 0619 Oteiza boot. It offers fashion, style as well as high level of comfort. The pull grain leather upper and small mould natural rubber heel makes these boots give a unique look. The side buckle and zip up fasting adds a feminine touch to these boots.

Men love wearing Art Skyline Shoes. They are a stylish and uniquely designed pair of shoes from Art footwear. The trainer features 100% rubber sole and stitches running up the front.

So, if you want to look smart and trendy, buy a pair of shoes from Art footwear. There are many online shoe shops selling this footwear brand. Just browse through the net and get a pair of these footwear for yourself from a reputed and reliable online shoe store.